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The customizable PowerServer™ PACS scales with you no matter how large your organization grows.

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Jon A.
Jon A.
Application Support Team Lead en EE. UU.
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Práctica médica, 501-1.000 empleados
Ha utilizado el software durante: Más de un año
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Good but not great option

4 hace 4 años

Puntos a favor:

Doctors liked it a lot. Application is easy to install and is pretty intuiutive. There was a great support system in place. Had very little problems with it once it was setup/adjusted after major changes to network, imaging devices in use, etc.

Puntos en contra:

Diagnostic image studies are masssive, yes, but This software writes so much data to local cache so frequently I suspect it caused premature HDD failure on my former client's PCs. It was not uncommon for them to write 100GB in a week. Their site to site caching setup leaves a lot o be desired, but it was something they were drastically improving upon before I transition roles and stopped supporting the client that used this.