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Get Justworks Hours for automated, seamless time tracking. Make timekeeping effortless for you and your team by managing employee time more easily, gaining more insights with more oversight, and easing the burden of errors and inaccuracies. Justworks Hours is the time tracking tool anyone can use, whether your team travels for work, or heads to the same office every day, this easy-to-use solution empowers your employees to consistently track their time.

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Justworks Hours is suitable for startups, small businesses and large companies as well. It can be scaled to meet organizational growth and can also integrate into users’ existing accounting platforms.

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Justworks Hours

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Justworks Hours
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President en EE. UU.
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Servicios para instalaciones, 11-50 empleados
Ha utilizado el software durante: Más de dos años
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Boomr is a Really Good Time Tracking Program

5,0 hace 4 años

Comentarios: We had a really good experience with Boomr and used it for a couple of years. The QuickBooks integration is great as is the GPS tracking - really important to know that your employees are actually where they say they are. We ending up switching to another time tracking program that was more comprehensive and tailored to our specific industry, however I’d really recommend this to anyone needing a reliable time tracking program.

Puntos a favor:

It’s an easy and comprehensive way to track time - especially when you have lots of employees with different shifts - and it integrates with QuickBooks which was great for us.

Puntos en contra:

For our industry in particular, it woud’ve been really helpful to be able to have some sort of alert if an employee does not show up for a shift. Additionally a lot of employees had issues clocking in or out at times.

Director of Business Development en EE. UU.
Administración educativa, 11-50 empleados
Ha utilizado el software durante: Más de dos años
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Alternativas consideradas:

Boomr is Amazing!

5,0 hace 3 años

Comentarios: I love the chat option with Boomr, so many of my difficult questions have been answered with a simple chat. [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] has been amazing and extremely responsive to all my questions, even if the answer isn't the direction I hoped it would be.

Puntos a favor:

I love the time tracking features with the app. We recently started using the Time Off Requests and it has helped us to track our time off requests more efficiently as well as effectively. We love the ability to track lengths of lunches and being able to see the "approaching overtime" tracker on the desktop version.

Puntos en contra:

1 thing that I wish the software did was able us to track "unpaid time off". I understand the reasons it doesn't but if we had this ability it would eliminate our need to use a secondary software to process all time off requests. As it stand right now, we still have 2 different time allocation systems we have to use in order to show all of our needs.

Ha utilizado el software durante: No especificado
Fuente de la reseña

Basic Functions are OK, advanced functions are lacking.

3,0 hace 7 años

Comentarios: Pros:
1 Android market
2 tracks previous days worked
1 Either the app name or icon needs to be modified to reflect its purpose. It's a great name and a professional icon but neither imply its use. Hard to find when looking for it with the rest of my apps. Nothing jumps out that this app is for work. To be honest I almost deleted the app a few times because it appeared to be a social media app (like twitter) in my apps menu that I didn't know how it got there. So, there really should be an icon reflecting a punch card or a dollar sign or a business guy in a suit etc. etc. etc. that makes you think "oh ya that's for work". The same goes for the name, perhaps just "Boomr punch card" ... "Boomr pay tracker" .. "Boomr hour tracker" ... "Boomr for work"...
2 no place to add mileage driven that day
3 can't request time changes through the app (if I mistakenly hit check out or forgot to check in for an hour after being at work). I have to contact my employer via text or email or in person while a note attached to those hours that day within the app would save time and confusion.
4 GPS HAS to be on to check in? I often turn my GPS off for battery saving. I don't want to be forced into turning my GPS on so I can be checked into work to get paid.
5 time stamp is in GMT (Zulu time zone) i believe for some reason? After I click on a specific day and see the details then it's displayed in local time. It needs to be displayed in local time from the beginning, at very least, for the employees.
6 allow rounding if employer permits it.
I'd rather get paid to the nearest 15min. Leave the time stamp for the records fine but allow rounding for the nearest quarter hour for pay calculations. For example: let's say 2 employees show up and leave work at the exact same time. One employee may "click" check in while in their car, the second they pull into the parking lot at work and check out the second they leave the parking lot (maximizing their time 'at work'). While the other employee parks, goes upstairs to the office, sits down and then clicks check in. That same employee then checks out as they leave their desk for the day. The way the app is set up now, the two employees will receive different amount of hours (the minutes adding up each day) even though they each actually worked the same amount of time. Both employees should reasonably be getting the same amount of hours paid. For this can only be accomplished by the "buffer zone" created by rounding.

Executive Director en EE. UU.
Servicios para el consumidor, 11-50 empleados
Ha utilizado el software durante: 1-5 meses
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Incredibly intuitive for the entire team

5,0 hace 3 años

Puntos a favor:

The transition to Boomr was incredibly easy. The customer support team is fantastic and they are incredibly responsive and willing to find a resolution to any issues we have. All of my staff find it simple and intuitive to use and it's made our payroll and invoicing so much easier.

Puntos en contra:

When we signed up for Boomr we were told that a scheduling component would be added in the first quarter of 2020. There have been issues with that and now the message it will likely be released in the third quarter of 2020. While we didn't sign on specifically for scheduling, it would help us streamline our system and reduce redundancy.

Accounting and Finance Manager en EE. UU.
Ropa y moda, 11-50 empleados
Ha utilizado el software durante: 6-12 meses
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Alternativas consideradas:

Excellent product, would recommend

5,0 hace 3 años

Puntos a favor:

Boomr integrates extremely easily with our payroll processor and very easy to use

Puntos en contra:

N/A, it's been very helpful for myself as an admin and the retail employees have been using it for clocking in and out at our retail locations