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  • CSDC
  • Fundada en 1989

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Enables grant professionals to respond to the increasing demands of grant program management and performance accountability.


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You can create a Grants process that is like the one you currently have but online and secure.

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En general
5 / 5
Facilidad de uso
5 / 5
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Puntos a favor: 1. It can match your current process - it can model your current process becuse of it's
form based workflow.
2. You can bring forward data to aliminate duplicate entry and push data back to update previous forms/steps 3. Built in function on Forms, Formlets (pages) or individule fields like:
Calculated Bring Forward
Calculated Mandatory
Calculated Read Only
Calculated User Access Grant
Calculated Value
Calculated Visibility
Numeric Sum
Simple User Access Grant
Applicant Profile Completed
Calculated Submission Condition
List Bring Forward
List Count Validator
Mandatory Field Validator
4. Amendments: Each Amendment creates a new version of the submission and makes the old one read only so you can track/audit your changes. 5. Bulk evaluation (with or without scoring) you can use it rank the applicants based on your criteria and evaluate them all togeather on one screen. 6. Flexable Post Award that can do all types of payment processes (Reimbursement, Post Payment, Multiple Post Award Payments:Annual, Quarterly or any time/milestone, interval cycled payments)
and On demand post-award submission
7. System Auditing 8. Built-in Data Mart that can hook to IBM Cognos BI or any third reporting software 9. Auto notifications available at all steps with many different triggers 10. Granular security (Org level -> Step -> User)

Puntos en contra: 1. Although it is easy to create a simple workflow for a simple grant, more complex grant processes require lots of time to build and may require the help of the CDSC Grants team (for a price).
2. Documentation is not written for a new user ... it expects taht you know Grants terminalogy.
3. Best to get Training from CSDC on the Grants product but there is an extra cost.