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Social media marketing solution for all businesses that helps with social engagement, analytics, and reporting.

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8 reseñas
  • En general 4 / 5
  • Facilidad de uso 3.5 / 5
  • Atención al cliente 4 / 5
  • Funciones 4 / 5
  • Relación calidad-precio 3.5 / 5

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    En la nube, SaaS, web

Datos del proveedor

  • CX Social
  • Fundada en 2011

Sobre CX Social

Social media tool that enables customer service and marketing through customer engagement, social media monitoring, and analytics.

Funciones de CX Social

  • Análisis
  • Enfoque en grupo objetivo de clientes
  • Filtrado por palabras clave
  • Gestión de contactos
  • Gestión de contenidos
  • Gestión de varias cuentas
  • Programación de publicaciones
  • Publicaciones automatizadas
  • Seguimiento de conversión
  • Análisis de sentimientos
  • Gestión de campañas
  • Gestión de respuestas
  • Ludificación
  • Métricas de redes sociales
  • Plataforma de reseñas de cliente
  • Supervisión de redes sociales
  • Supervisión de reseñas
  • Análisis
  • Chat en vivo
  • Contenido en vídeo
  • Distribución de contenido
  • Gestión de bajas de la suscripción
  • Gestión de comunidades
  • Gestión de la comunicación
  • Ludificación
  • Recopilación de comentarios
  • Análisis
  • Comentarios de 360 grados
  • Creación de informes de llamadas
  • Gestión de encuestas
  • Recopilación de comentarios
  • Supervisión de quejas

Las reseñas más útiles de CX Social

LOVE LOVE LOVE This Social Media Management App!

Traducir con Google Revisado el 30/10/2018
Dina A.
Digital Engagement Producer
Medios de difusión, 1001-5000 empleados
Ha utilizado el software durante: Más de un año
Fuente de la reseña 
Fuente: GetApp
En general
5 / 5
Facilidad de uso
5 / 5
Características y funcionalidad
5 / 5
Asistencia técnica
5 / 5
Relación calidad-precio
Probabilidad de recomendación:
Muy baja Muy alta

Puntos a favor: CX Social was the best application I have ever used for social media management I used it to manage huge accounts that I have worked on such as IKEA and Burger King in which I used to get thousands of comments, messages and posts a day. What I loved the most that it helped me keep a close eye on my team know exactly their response times and number of inquiries they were attending. Also, I loved the tagging system which was a great addition to the reports for my client, it helped me categorize all the inquiries that we have received across all platforms. Sentiment analysis is a great feature also helped me in understanding my audience better! So if you an international brand or a brand with huge engagement I strongly recommend CX social! P's they now support Whatsapp for Business how cool!

Contras: Although CX Social is a great tool it is an expensive tool so unless you are a huge agency with lots of accounts I believe the fee will not be justified. I have never used their reporting system and dashboards because I believe in getting my numbers directly from social media platforms but that's me! you can explore with it.

Engagor is the perfect tool if you have a big social media team and need to manage a bustling community

Traducir con Google Revisado el 25/2/2015
Manuel Z.
Tecnología y servicios de la información
Fuente de la reseña 
Fuente: GetApp
En general
Facilidad de uso
Características y funcionalidad
Asistencia técnica
Relación calidad-precio

Comentarios: Engagor is extremely suited if you have a big/huge social media team and you receive a high level of activity in your profiles. It is also very suited to those brands very active in social media with fans instead of just simple customers. Howewer I wouldn't recommend Engagor to small companies or startups because it's definitely not a cheap tool or If your social media profiles are not busting the whole day. With Engagor we have increased our efficiency offering customer support through social media channels, we can control almost every single aspect and metric about our performance in social media and we have reduced our time of response 4x the previous time.

Puntos a favor: -The data that Engagor shows about the performance of the users and team is incredibly precise and accurate.
-With Insights we have a very wide view of how our engagement metrics are doing
-Their customer care is perfect. They're in the other side ready to answer your questions and to solve any problems.
-They have a very fast improving rate so are practically receiving new features almost every fortnight.

Contras: -In our company we're very focused on customer care so we'd like to have a ticketing feature built-in Engagor. Right now this is not possible but they offer an integration with Zendesk.
-We offer customer support, not only by Twitter, Facebook or Google+ but also through email, chat and messaging apps. We'd like to have all our channels integrated in the same place so we can compare channels but right now this is not on the roadmap because they're very focused on being the best working with social media channels.
-Measuring times between actions and who performed concrete actions is very important to us. Right now Engagor lacks on this but solving this is their roadmap and they working hard on it.

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