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ACCEO Logivision


¿Quién usa ACCEO Logivision?

Designed specifically for fast retail, ACCEO Logivision POS software is adapted for supermarkets, c-stores, liquor stores and specialty food stores.

¿Qué es ACCEO Logivision?

ACCEO Logivision point-of-sale software is easy to use, easy to manage, and designed specifically for fast-moving retail environments.

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Fundada en 1983

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Funciones de ACCEO Logivision

Software para tiendas de conveniencia
Gestión de carburante
Gestión de comercios minoristas
Gestión de empleados
Gestión de inventarios
Gestión de loterías
Gestión de tiendas de delicatessen y restaurantes
Libro sobre precios
Programa de fidelización
Punto de venta para supermercados
Puntos de venta de carburante
Tienda única
Varias tiendas

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Jack C.
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  • Publicado el 23/12/2018

"Logivision Pos"

Comentarios: ACCEO Logivision is one of the best company I have ever dealt with. Staff overall, is reliable, and very friendly. They are very professional. They listen to any features or improvement that may be added and implement them as soon as possible if needed.

Puntos a favor: - Customization. Pretty much everything is customizable to fit the business specific needs: screens, controls, configuration, inventory, reports, etc... Some custom work such as reports, may involve extra fees.
- Very reliable and stable.
- Lots of features and measures to control cash, employees, theft, coupons, discounts....
- Redundant registers. A register can be removed from the network and work as stand alone then replaced and synchronized again.
- Registers keep working even if the back office is down.
- Excellent backup
- Easy to upgrade/update
- Excellent customer corporate and reseller support.
- Upscale software for well structured and detail oriented business and management.

Contras: - A little complex. Needs ongoing training for a while. Needs at least one staff member to be trained fully.
- Knowledge database a little confusing and hard to navigate.
- Difficulty sometimes to adjust scanners.
- Serial peripherals preferred if not a must which makes the hardware selection difficult as serial plugs are scarce on units.
- No 24/7 support from corporate. Only from reseller.

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  • Publicado el 23/12/2018